Rivian is an all-new electric-vehicle manufacturer headquartered right outside of Detroit and is primed to set the automotive world on its head with its all-electric truck (the R1T) and its all-electric SUV (the R1S). Rivian looks so promising that Amazon invested $700 million and Ford Motor Company invested $500 million. Look for the Rivian truck to debut first, with production slated to begin sometime in 2020; the Rivian SUV will follow later. Both vehicles will be ready for rough terrain and semi-autonomous-driving capability, although hopefully not at the same time.

2021 Rivian R1S
Starting at
$72,500 est.

The seven-passenger 2021 Rivian R1S sport-utility vehicle is the second production vehicle from Rivian, a new electric-vehicle manufacturer based in Michigan.

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2021 Rivian R1T
Starting at
$69,000 est.

The futuristic Rivian R1T is an all-electric pickup truck from new American startup brand Rivian, and it promises more than 400 miles of driving range and acceleration times comparable with those of a supercar.